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SAT/ACT Essay Policies

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Confused about SAT and ACT Essay requirements?

Don’t be! It’s all pretty simple now. Here’s the good news: almost ALL schools have already dropped or are planning to drop their SAT and ACT Essay requirements (including all of the Ivy League schools and all but one of the Top 20 National Universities). That means YES, you do not need to add yet another piece of stress to an already stressful year in your life or waste your money on a subjective (and deeply flawed) evaluation mechanism. We at Collegiants applaud schools like Princeton instead requiring all applicants to submit a graded academic paper (particularly one in History or English), as this is a much better reflection of a student’s writing ability and better demonstrates how a student will perform in a true academic context.

The only schools that still require the SAT or ACT essay are in the University of California system. That means if you are interested in attending UCLA, UC Berkeley, or any other school in the system you will still have to take the essay. In addition, some schools like Stanford still recommend or highly recommend taking the essay section of the SAT or ACT, so you will want to check with each institution to see just how “optional” the essay requirement is.

And just because you don’t need to prepare for the SAT or ACT essays doesn’t mean you can avoid writing essays altogether. Whether you need to improve your writing for school or get prepared to write the much dreaded Application Essay (and other supplemental essays), email to set up tutoring from published authors and expert tutors with years of experience. The time to start learning is now!

Don't take the essay unless you have to!



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